How did God WIRE you? Your spouse? Your child?


At Divine Revelations we offer a Christian-based temperament assessment that helps to identify your personal strengths and weaknesses, emotional tendencies, needs for socializing, how much you like to control or be controlled and how much affection you need and give,  which were ALL hard-wired within you, by God.

This assessment is called the APS, Arno Profile System. It was created by Drs. Richard and Phyllis  Arno. It has been called the most accurate and in-depth inventory of temperaments and spiritual tendencies in the Christian counseling world. With the information in this assessment you will be able to better accept yourself for who you are and who God created you to be based on understanding how you interact in the world around you and how you react in relationships based on your temperament needs.


As a couple you will learn the strengths and short-comings of your spouse, and that these are instinctual and natural and not your spouse's way of purposely hurting you or a lack of effort on their part in meeting your needs. My husband and I use the APS in our biblical marriage teaching to help spouses be more tolerant and forgiving in the ways their spouse might not be meeting their social or affection needs and will also aid in better conflict resolution. It will also help the couple understand the ways they can better serve one another and meet the needs of their spouse with more accuracy and less wasted effort, which let’s face it is ALWAYS a good thing!!

Responses after taking the APS for couples have been, “I no longer have expectations that my wife will be as social as me, she is just not ‘wired’ that way and that's OK.”  "It is so much easier to forgive my husband when he does not show me affection like I would like because now understand how difficult it is for him to verbalize it.”

Temperament Assessment

To receive your personalized temperament assessment fill out the following form and a link will be sent to you within 24 hours. You will receive the results via email, which will include the explanation of your social interaction preference, areas of control in your life and how you give/receive affection. It also includes two pages of personal recommendations for adults or two pages of parenting tips for child assessments, which will help you focus on growing your strengths and learning to compensate better for your weaknesses and how this will help you experience less stress and anxiety in life. If you would like a personalized explanation of your results please call our office for a one on one feedback session. 


 As parents you will feel more capable of helping to nurture, encourage and grow your children in their spiritual strengths and also how to help your children to learn how to compensate for their sinful nature and their predispositions to certain temptations. Being able to do this at a young age for our children we can help set them up for success in life, emotionally, spiritually and in relationships.

Some of the revelations parents respond with are: “Wow, now I understand why my son/daughter does not respond to my efforts for affection.” “ Knowing their tendencies help me to parent them with more confidence and I do not feel like their poor response is due to my bad parenting!” “I have felt like a failure as a parent or that there was something wrong with my child until I read this!”

When we understand who GOD created us to be, we can accept ourselves, accept our loved ones and begin to pursue God’s destiny for our life with peace and confidence.