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How to have Peace and Joy in all Circumstances   Register Now

Our Mission

We believe true healing happens through emotional and spiritual freedom through Christ. When you come to The Divine Marriage Center for services we will use truths from God’s Word, deliverance prayer, forgiveness and biblical role modeling. We will also offer suggestions for resources for on-going support from the church community to bring people healing, hope and life restoration. You will be encouraged to discover who God truly created you to be and carry out your purpose in His kingdom. You will learn to live with peace and joy in your life through your own faith and by having the revelations that unlock all the wisdom, truth and promises that God has for your life.


On the Radio

We were recently featured on the Radio Show "Faith Talk" Click the link to hear the Podcast (CLICK HERE)


Our Services

  • Christian Couples Counseling Session $150/hr
  • Individual Session $100/hr
  • Marriage Program (6 sessions) $750
  • ARNO profile assessment $50 or $100 for the assessment and a face to face feedback sessions
  • Telephone Spiritual Coaching sessions $25 for each 15 minutes 

If you would like to purchase any of these services for a family member or friend we do offer gift cards and/or confidential gifting. Also, we charge the prices we do because this is mine and my husband's only income, but we would love to be able to see clients that cannot afford these valuable services and receive feedback as to those you have helped. You can donate here to provide those who normally could not attend our center the opportunity to do so. Thank you for your support and may God bless you and all your relationships!
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